Photos by Harry Peckover

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. 

I believe appreciating the mundane is an important skill. I try to show that in my photos. Most of my shots are a catalogue of me attempting to examine something otherwise nondescript in an interesting way.

As a kid I always enjoyed being creative whether it was in the form of dreaming up characters worlds or simply toying with ideas. Though I did (and still do) enjoy drawing, I have a condition which makes holding a pen over a long period of time painful. This also prevented me from taking up a musical instrument. Luckily one day I discovered photography and realized that it was so much more than what I had assumed. Previously I had thought that it was simply the press of a button. My interest piqued, I discovered photography combined my passions for spontaneity, mechanical geekery and most importantly it wasn't painful. Finally I have a way of letting off some creative steam and for that I am thankful. I hope you enjoy browsing my pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.